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For The Girl With Writer's Block

What to do when Erato, the Muse of epic poetry, has just up and checked out for a Caribbean vacation and left you behind? When you have ideas, but no real gumption to write them down?

Well, nothing.

That's right. Do nothing.

By that, I mean I have had to train myself to not sweat over word counts not reached or stories not told. There's no reason to stress out; this has happened before, and this, too, shall pass. If and when Erato wants to come kick me in the ass, she will.

A lot of you don't realize that writing isn't the only creative endeavor I have. I make money doing dollhouse miniatures. Part of the creativity I might have poured strictly into writing is siphoned into this discipline. Painting a one-inch scale Noah's Ark chest with all those animals takes juice!

Meanwhile, I have this blog. Blogging is still writing, after all, and it's probably through my blog that most of you will encounter my writing for the first time.

I also have my Fake!Orestes Twitter account, where I can exercise some creative humor and share pictures and links to new and interesting things from the world of the Aegean Bronze Age.

Soon I hope to start putting together my costume for this year's Take Back Halloween contest. This year will be inspired, I promise you.

So I'm not exactly doing nothing.

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