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Orestes: The Warrior

Surprise!  Read, enjoy, and review!

Orestes, son of Agamemnon, now rules as king of Mycenae. Claiming his beloved Hermione as his queen, he sets out to reclaim the vassal states once held by Agamemnon. However, his ambitions stir conflict with the neighboring Argives, whose cunning and unscrupulous king, Cylarabes, is determined to discredit and defeat his Mycenaean rival at all costs.

Purchase here on Amazon Kindle.  Also available through Smashwords.

Early Minoan Seal

Sorry for my long absence.  I was busily editing Orestes: The Warrior, which is now with my alpha reader.  Hopefully, I will have it back in a few weeks, and once I make some corrections, write that scholarly Author's Note, and finish all the prep work, it will be out and ready for you to buy.

In the meantime, I'm researching and outlining the book I've been wanting to write about Minoan Knossos.  This will not be a novel about Theseus and Ariadne, or like any book about Knossos you may have read before.

Here is an image of an early Minoan cylinder seal worked in semiprecious stone.  The earliest Minoan seals resembled Mesopotamian seal stones, in that they were rolled across wet clay, and had Linear A hieroglyphics on them.


The Warrior Update

I am moving right along with the final draft of Orestes: The Warrior, despite the fact that Mom has me building her a 1/4 inch scale dollhouse (all those components to paint!), while I am working on my own 1/144 inch scale projects (a haunted mansion and spiritualist's parlor).

Kamares Ware

Apologies for not posting in a while, but I am very busy with edits for Orestes: The Warrior, which I hope to publish by next month.  At most, I manage to polish 8-10 pages a day.

Even though it will not be the subject of my next book, I am researching the history of Knossos from Neolithic times to 1200 B.C, which brings me to today's post.  Pottery styles evolved and changed throughout Minoan history, and for one brief moment during the Middle Minoan (1900-1700 B.C.), these delicate Kamares blackware cups were all the rage.  Sadly, they went out of vogue when the nobles and priests began to be able to afford cups of silver and gold.


Coming This September

Yes, I had to break Orestes: The High King into two parts.  And here is the cover for the first part:

Anyone care to guess what color the cover for Part Four, The High King, will be?

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