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A Few Words

Putting on my reader's cap today to discuss the annoyances of self-published authors who don't seem to get the idea that their aggressive marketing is more a turn-off than a turn-on.

Now don't be a hypocrite, you say.  After all, you're in the self-publishing business, too, and you're not exactly making six figures.  True, but I don't engage in the tactics I'm about to describe.  Furthermore, I'm also a reader.  I've received emails from other self-published authors urging me to deliver a quid pro quo review of their work.  I'm entitled to voice an opinion.

You see, this week I had to unfollow some writers on Twitter because of their spamming.  This is how I see it: if your Twitter account is dedicated solely to posting the same link to your book eight times a day, then what's the difference between you and a spambot?  If I groan when encountering your Tweets, because you have nothing fresh to say, why should I continue to follow you?

I'm not going to talk about what I do, because I don't make six figures, and I'm not as big in the field of ancient historical fiction as some of my acquaintances.  Instead, I'm going to tell you what they do, and why it works.

First and foremost, keep in mind that it only works because these ladies actually know how to write.  So many self-published authors shill for reviews and spam boards because in the midst of their aggressive marketing they've forgotten the most important thing: writing a good book.

The authors I want to talk to you about are Amalia Carosella (Helen of Sparta), Judith Starkson (Hand of Fire), and Libbie Hawker (The Sekhmet Bed, etc.)

All have Twitter accounts.  Judith and Amalia aren't self-published, but Libbie might be.  Also, Libbie doesn't post as often as Amalia or Judith, but all of them do the following:

  1. Share their research with readers

  2. Post about the writing process

  3. Share links to related historical news that might interest readers

  4. Engage with and get readers interested

  5. Write excellent fiction

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