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Personal Update

I have been working hard on Danae, but have come to a point where I'm mentally and physically exhausted.  Nothing serious; this happens during all my projects, and usually more than once.  I suspect the heat and humidity, and other pressing concerns have all taken their toll.

To those who follow me on Twitter (@oresteshighking), yes, that gallbladder surgery and my humble request for reader support is really a thing.  I've suffered from gallbladder pain for the last 2 1/2 years, but only in the last few months have I had insurance (through Medi-Cal) to get the problem taken care of.  I was initially to have laparoscopic surgery on July 2, but then the surgeon, concerned about the possible benign cavernous hemangioma on my liver, decided I needed an MRI before he cut into me.  I had that MRI this past Monday.  Nice to know I'm not claustrophobic; the machine wasn't even as loud as everybody told me it would be.

I'm waiting for the surgeon's office to call to schedule the procedure.  He's only in on Thursdays, so that complicates matters further.

This puts my job hunt on hold, even though I've been applying throughout.  Trouble with applying for medical billing and coding jobs is that you have to have experience to be hired anywhere, but nobody will hire you so you can get experience.  I've been supplementing my income by painting dollhouse miniatures and selling my books.  From now till 8/1, Knossos is on sale for $.99.  I've sold a few copies this way, but it would be remiss of me to say it's been a great success, because I've also lost revenue this way because the sales aren't in such bulk as to compensate for the dip in price.  This is an experiment in marketing that I might try again with Danae.

I don't know how much progress I'll make on the new book during the recovery period, but since I'm already 3/4 of the way finished with the manuscript, I estimate it should be available early next year.

So if you can, please buy a copy, or purchase Helen's Daughter or the Orestes Trilogy.  I don't want to ask for charity where you, the reader or friend, get nothing in return.  I make my living as an author.  Please help out.  Buy for a friend, or just pass this message on to somebody who might be interested.

Quelle Horreur!

Real life intrudes on writing.  I have to go out and get a "real" job, and have been looking since January, but so far the results are discouraging.


Who WOULDN'T hire this face?  Mature, reliable, responsible.  Apparently not the ideal job candidate, as shown by the picture below.


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