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For The Girl With Writer's Block

What to do when Erato, the Muse of epic poetry, has just up and checked out for a Caribbean vacation and left you behind? When you have ideas, but no real gumption to write them down?

Well, nothing.

That's right. Do nothing.

By that, I mean I have had to train myself to not sweat over word counts not reached or stories not told. There's no reason to stress out; this has happened before, and this, too, shall pass. If and when Erato wants to come kick me in the ass, she will.

A lot of you don't realize that writing isn't the only creative endeavor I have. I make money doing dollhouse miniatures. Part of the creativity I might have poured strictly into writing is siphoned into this discipline. Painting a one-inch scale Noah's Ark chest with all those animals takes juice!

Meanwhile, I have this blog. Blogging is still writing, after all, and it's probably through my blog that most of you will encounter my writing for the first time.

I also have my Fake!Orestes Twitter account, where I can exercise some creative humor and share pictures and links to new and interesting things from the world of the Aegean Bronze Age.

Soon I hope to start putting together my costume for this year's Take Back Halloween contest. This year will be inspired, I promise you.

So I'm not exactly doing nothing.

Greek Myth Comix

Greek Myth Comix is a fine purveyor of Trojan War Playing Cards, which you can get through Kickstarter, and teachable yet entertaining copies of The Odyssey. Greek Myth Comix also has a nifty Deaths in the Iliad graphic which you can order as a poster.
I helped fund the Kickstarter campaign, so I should be getting my Trojan War Playing Cards sometime next month. I'll be sure to share them. Meanwhile, you can still head on over to Kickstarter to order your own set, or order the .pdf version. For a little extra, you can order some great add-ons, like the Trojan War Playset, Trojan War Paper Dolls, and more.

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