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Trojan War: The Podcast

I am fourteen weeks into listening to this amazing weekly podcast, and I can't believe it hasn't occurred to me till now to share it with you.

Trojan War: The Podcast is a project by performer Jeff Wright, who makes a living telling the story of the Trojan War to high school students. His performances being limited to four hours, when his audiences only have the stamina to sit still for two, a lot of great material gets lost. Thus, the idea of a podcast was born.

Aside from relating the tales of the Trojan War cycle, which includes the Iliad and other sources, the podcast includes background information on the Bronze Age Aegean world, the backstories of the mortals and gods, and other material listeners will find fascinating. Jeff has a great voice and lively tone, and keeps the story going. I actually wouldn't mind sitting in on one of his performances. Each episode is a little over an hour long. These days, my Friday evenings consist of Real Time With Bill Maher, VICE, followed by an hour of miniature painting while listening to Trojan War: The Podcast.

On Twitter, Jeff and I have entered into bonds of xenia in which we Like and Retweet each other's posts, so he'll probably be thrilled to read this blog rec.

But don't sit around here listening to me! Head on over to Trojan War: The Podcast and get started!

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