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Halloween 2016

As I mentioned in last week's post, I am working on my surprise Halloween costume which I will immediately find fault with the second I see myself wearing it in the photographs my mother took.  Yes, I tried it on before the photo shoot, and everything seemed okay, but that darned camera lens just adds fifty pounds...

Enough with the kvetching and onto the costume.  This year, I chose the most bad-ass female from ancient times you could possibly think of.  No, not Boudicca, which I might do sometime because I think I might make an awesome Boudicca, etc.  A Saka-Scythian Amazon warrior horse archer.  Now there's a costume NOBODY else is doing!  The kind of costume where people look at it and in bewilderment ask, "What are you supposed to be?"  I used to get that a lot as a kid.  Nothing much has changed since I started doing costumes again.

A Saka-Scythian warrior woman because, why the hell not? I know how to shoot, and an Amazon from the Eurasian steppes doesn't require boob armor, the wearing of which would kill any woman dumb enough to fight in it.  The costume itself is easy to assemble, though in parts I had to be resourceful.

I made the tunic, sleeves, and leggings from scratch.  The tunic is the work of a few hours.  If you're smaller, an oversized t-shirt works just as well; all you have to do is apply the large rick-rack trim.  You can buy tribal leggings, but if you want matching sleeves you'll have to make the set from scratch.  All you need is about 2 1/2 yards of the right stretchy cotton-polyester fabric and a pair of close fitting jeans or leggings you already own to trace the pattern.

The boots came from my closet, the Turkish silver necklace and earrings from World Market at a deep discount, and the rabbit-trimmed leather bag from a Ren Faire many, many years ago.  The leopard skin cape is just printed fabric cut to mimic an animal skin, with the paws tying the cape in front.  I made the cap from scratch, too, from felt, fake fur, and coin trim.  The quiver with strap is an old UPS box covered with colored paper and red duck tape, and felt.

The belt was the big project.  Amazon women in Greek myth always have amazing war belts.  Mine is felt applique, hand-worked embroidery, and beads and mirrors on felt backing.

The bow is a real bow--a toy, actually, bought from a mall kiosk for $10--and it shoots.  I painted and decorated it with tribal-looking artwork.

The tattoos on my face and hands are from a blue eyeliner pencil.  I experimented with it before settling on a design.


So there you have it.  Whether I will win any awards for this, I can't say, but I thought while looking in the mirror that I looked pretty bad-ass.

Until the camera went and added fifty pounds, that is.
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